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Google Inc. is an American public corporation, specializing in Internet searching and online advertising. Google's mission statement is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." Google's corporate philosophy includes statements such as, "You can make money without doing evil," and, "Work should be challenging and the challenge should be fun," illustrating a somewhat more relaxed corporate culture.
Google was co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were students at Stanford University, and the company was first incorporated as a privately held company on September 7, 1998. Google's initial public offering took place on August 19, 2004, raising USD1.67 billion, making it worth $23 billion. Through a series of new product developments, acquisitions and partnerships, the company has expanded its initial search and advertising business into other areas, including web-based email, online mapping, office productivity, and video sharing, among others.

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Try Google advertising programs. 1st Page Agency could just be the internet advertising solution your business needs. If you’ve created a great website, but you aren’t attracting the traffic you require to generate the profits you expected, then this could be the most exciting page you ever read. 1st Page Agency can guarantee to have your site listed on Google™ in 48 hours. We will do everything for you, from internet advertising research to specific and targeted search engine optimization so you don’t have to lift a finger and can focus on the profitable activities of running your business.

We will help you overcome the internet advertising learning curve by providing you with a seamless process that guarantees your internet advertising campaign generates traffic from Google™.
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thang 1st Page Agency is a specialist search engine marketing company. Having operated in the internet marketing space for over 6 years, the company’s Founders found that too many businesses build elaborate, costly websites without having any way of driving traffic to their sites. In response, they developed 1st Page Agency to help businesses maximize their web presence and realize the enormous potential of the internet.
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